Have you ever wondered why companies hold sweepstakes? What legislation governs these sorts of free contests? With no real information easily attainable to the typical hobbyist, we thought we might put together an 8 week set of articles to assist you to rehearse the “sweepstakes jungle.” It’s our hope through this text series that you simply are going to be far better armed to play riversweeps at home of all types whether or not they be strictly online, mail-in, or a mix of both.

With all of that in mind, let’s attend the primary question in our series:

Definition: what’s a sweepstake?

Sweepstakes (also called prize promotions or games of chance) are essentially popular tools for businesses, marketers, and agencies to create customer loyalty and collect valuable demographic information about potential consumers.

A Sweepstakes Overview

Sweepstakes may be a promotion during which a prize is awarded to a participant on the idea of chance, not skill. That prize is often monetary or non-monetary, like a free product or trip. Sponsors of such promotions cannot require people to get a product or to take a position “considerable” time or effort so as to play riversweeps at home.

Here are some basic rules that each one sponsor must comply with:

All sweepstakes must have official rules, and people’s rules CANNOT change after the official starting date. Official rules must contain the subsequent sorts of information:

A “No purchase is necessary” statement
Start and end dates
Eligibility requirements (age, residency, and an inventory of these excluded from participating)
Methods by which individuals can play riversweeps at home, including a “no purchase” method, like a 3″ x 5″ postcard
Any limitations on the number of entries per person or household
The odds of winning
A description of the prize(s) and therefore the price
How the winner(s) are going to be selected and notified
Restrictions on receiving the prize(s)
The sponsor’s name and address
These are only the foremost basic considerations. There also are various federal and state laws that can apply.

Join the Masses!


Generally, what percentage of people play riversweeps at home within the United States? In Canada?


We researched tons of various internet sites to ascertain what we could find in this area, but couldn’t really come with any hard and fast numbers for you. we will tell you, though, that it’s estimated that over 55 million Americans enter the Reader’s Digest sweepstakes annually.[1] are you able to believe that? 55 million people. That’s amazing! With the US population at 298,444,215, that’s almost 20% of the whole US population. And if we consider that only 75% of the population is over the age of 18, then that might mean that roughly 225,000,000 people are of the age of majority and are legally allowed to play riversweeps at home. Take those numbers into consideration, and you’re watching 25% of the population of the us likes to enter sweepstakes. That number is mind-boggling. Stay tuned next week as we follow through more questions and answers in our “Sweepstake Secrets Revealed” information booklet.

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