Green tea is the newest fad among health enthusiasts is definitely available in superstores and the native market. However, getting the simplest brand of tea requires some diligence and time. First and foremost, you would like to be very clear about why you want to use green or any herb tea. You’ll choose any Green Tea Cafe if you only want to use it as a replacement for your existing tea or coffee.

Though tea is very beneficial for several health issues, it’s widely used for losing weight and improving cardiovascular health. As weight gain may be a major health issue within the US, different variations of antioxidant-rich diets are highly popular among obese people. Green, organic or herbal teas are rich in antioxidants that assist you in reducing naturally. Not only does one gain quick energy but also reduce and obtain obviate cardiovascular health issues.

However, once you try to urge the Green Tea Cafe of organic or herb tea, you want to keep the subsequent points in mind before dispensing hard-earned money.

Place where it comes from – Though the finest Green Tea Cafe of green and herb tea aren’t easily available outside China and Japan, you want to confirm that your tea has been grown and harvested in China even if it isn’t of the best quality.

Where to drink the best matcha in Los Angeles?

Drinking coffee or tea turned out to be boring with the introduction of matcha powder to LA cafes. More and more shops started offering matcha beverages in various forms, including latte, smoothie, or milk tea. Most of them diverted from the original recipes. People now add too much sugar, which offsets the health benefits of the beverage. It is harder than ever to find a reliable shop that offers high-quality matcha in Los Angeles. I decided to assist you in making the right choice. Hence, I created a list of 7 places that provide delicious and original products. Besides, they all have friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff to guide you through the process.

What is Matcha?

In simple words, matcha is the powder version of green tea. In traditional tea, one adds hot water on green tea leaves and let it soak. Then they get the leaves out. However, matcha tea requires grinding leaves into powder. After, people add hot water on powder, whisk it with a bamboo brush and drink it. Hence, you drink the actual tea leaves in powder form.

When farmers grow matcha tea leaves, they put cover them with a cloth before harvesting. The reason is that shade enhances the flavor and texture of the tea.

Matcha in Los Angeles

Now that you know what matcha is, it is time to get familiar with famous matcha shops in Los Angeles.

Cha Cha Matcha

One of the shops that provide a wide diversity of matcha drinks is Cha Cha Matcha. Before their menu, the design of the shop, the color palette of packagings attract many clients. The theme of this matcha shop is California-inspired. The owners selected a green palm tree design and pastel color palette to reflect sunny LA days. Though people mostly visit the shop because of its decorations suitable for Instagram pictures, the shop offers delicious drinks, too. One of the most preferred ones is Matcha Colada, which includes pineapple, coconut shred, matcha, and milk. Other popular beverages include Matcha Chai, Matcha Latte, or different types of roasted coffee with matcha. One thing you should consider before visiting is the price. This place is a little expensive, but I think it is worth the aesthetics, ingredients, and taste.

Tea Master Matcha Cafe

matcha in los angeles

If you want to drink matcha in Los Angeles for an affordable price, you can consider Tea Master Matcha Cafe. They offer a wide choice of matcha drinks, including Matcha green tea or Matcha latte. The additional benefit of this shop can be flexibility in the ordering. You can order sweetened or unsweetened versions if you do not like much sugar. Besides, the shop provides Matcha smoothie, which has exciting ingredients. Other than matcha powder and green tea, they add Amazake to the smoothie. For further information, Amazake is the low-alcohol drink created with the fermented rice. This ingredient adds extra enjoyment to the matcha beverage.


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