Mega MP3 Jukebox
Free Personalized MP3 Player by Widgetways
MP3 Jukebox proudly
presents our incredible
MP3 Jukebox.

Design your own
personalized look...fill
the jukebox with music,
up to 300 songs and
start enjoying your tunes.

This stand-alone
jukebox will be the envy
of everyone who sees it
on your website or blog.  
Your visitors will love
listening to all your
favorite songs coming
from this beautifully
crafted widget.

Design your jukebox
now and add your music,
then copy the embed
code to place on your
page...It's FREE!
Important:  Once
you start loading
music to your
Do Not
leave this page or
you will lose your
How To Install Music
Pull up the page
source (website) of
Copy the song URL
and paste to the
jukebox mp3 URL
field.  Remember to
clear the http:// from
the mp3 field before
pasting your song
You can also enter
the song title and
artist in the
description text field
on the jukebox.
Enjoy the music and
your Free Jukebox!

Your small donation will ensure that this FREE jukebox remains & continues active online.  Should
we be forced to discontinue our website due to low funds,
YOUR  jukebox will no longer function.
Thank you in advance for any amount you can spare.
- The Widgetways Team -
you must remove the http://
from the jukebox URL field
before entering the song
URL code.  Otherwise you
may end up with 2 http://
and the jukebox selection
will not play.
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