Image Battle Creator - Super Widget
Here's How It Works
After you have selected the size of your widget,
finalized the look and published it to your web
page, your visitors can start voting by clicking on
the image they like best.

To the right is a final result of a widget we created.  
When visitors vote, the results are immediate and
they are presented with a surprise message.

Make Your Widget Below
Image Battle
Creator (poll maker)

A picture says it all.  Simply
upload your two images into
the Image Battle Creator Poll
and let your audience decide
which they like best by just
clicking on the picture.

The Image Battle will keep a
running count of the votes
and will display them on the
widget.  It will only allow
voters to vote once per IP
address, therefore giving you
a more accurate tally of the
votes.  It even 'thanks' the
voter for their selection and

This is a truly fun and must
have widget for your website
and blog.  Once you have
uploaded your images and
tweaked the controls, just
click on and copy the embed
code and paste to your page.
Q:  Do you have a
widgetways game or widget
on your site or blog?