The Story Behind OCD

OCD...Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Today we joke about the disorder and
freely admit that it exist and that we have the disorder.  It's the popular disorder
to have, sorta like a celebrity status, but growing up with the condition in the 60's
was a completely different matter.  One did not speak or admit to having the
disorder, instead we tried desperately  to hide the fact.  The rituals dictated by
the disorder were exhausting and embarrassing.  We were always trying to hide
the obvious behaviors that each day presented.  It's finally out in the open and it
gives me a sense of normalcy that releases me from the burden, although it still
exist.  So the next time you visit my home, please forgive me if I repeatedly
arrange the items on a table and for Gods Sake, should you use my bathroom,
please center the toilet paper on the roller when you're finished!
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whispered, 'I am too young,'
And then, 'I am old enough';
Wherefore I threw a penny
To find out if I might love.
'Go and love, go and love, young man,
If the lady be young and fair.'
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
I am looped in the loops of her hair.

O love is the crooked thing,
There is nobody wise enough
To find out all that is in it,
For he would be thinking of love
Till the stars had run away
And the shadows eaten the moon.
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
One cannot begin it too soon.
Dear Widgetways,
I have spent all week tearing my hair out because an upgrade in computer to Sierra OS on a new iMac
seemed to make my web player non functional I was using the TSPlayer. After lots and lots of fruitless
efforts I gave up although the support people did try and help!
I did a test with your jukebox it worked beautifully (after the second attempt) the code did not copy and my
jukebox disappeared but I persevered and got it right!
It is lovely and I have sent you a donation via PayPal. Also many thanks for giving me hope after a week
of total frustration!
Thanks again!
Great juke box (just one minor point I wish the play buttons were a bit brighter and easier to see!)
otherwise super stuff!
Best wishes
Barbara Blythe