What Are Widgets?

A "widget application" is a third party application developed for an online social
network platform, with the user interface or the entire application hosted by the
network service. Social network companies such as Facebook and Myspace
host these applications and provide them underlying platform services (such
as display and storage of user-provided photos and other content, profile
information about end users and communications features with other users)
through special-purpose application programming interfaces.[3][4][5] The term
is used fairly loosely, in that many such applications are more complex
internally and in operation than the simple applets that are called "widgets" in
other contexts. The relationship between platform and developer is mutually
beneficial, with the social network offering hardware and software
infrastructure, and access to the social network's end user base, and with
application publishers ranging from amateur developers to organized
companies such as RockYou! and slide.com providing content and features
that make the social network services more useful for their members. At
present, there is no fee or payment between developers and social network
platforms, and attempts to realize revenue from widgets (primarily advertising
by the widget applications and sale of electronic commerce goods and
services within the widgets) have been relatively unsuccessful.
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